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Beyond The Wise Woods

Waystone is a small town bordering Wolfden and The Wise Woods (known to many legends and fables) in the far south of Pradoria. Your party have met at The Maiden’s Hall, an Inn by Waystone’s market district. Your party are drinking and exchanging conversation when they are interrupted by one of the Inn’s regular patrons, an old Elf bard named Vyncent. He is very drunk, and speaking nonsense about talking plants. Your party tries to ignore his drunken ramblings, when Vyncent interjects,

“You d-don’t believe me? Do you?”

Your party stops and looks towards Vyncent. He begins to say something about each member of your party, something that noone could possibly know. One of your party members asks,

“How in heavens do you know all that?”

“I’ve s-spoken to the trees” Vyncents replies.

“Spoken to the trees? How is that possible? What did they say?”

Vyncent leans towards the party, reaches into his satchel, pulls out a book, and places it on the table. The book is leather bound with an image of a tree burned onto the front. Vyncent whispers,

“Darkness is approaching, and the trees have told me that this book is the key to stopping it”

“Then why haven’t you?”

“Because the trees have told me that I can’t, and that I must pass it on to someone who can. That is why I’m giving it to you”

“Ok, but how d-”

“The answers to all of your questions will be in the book. There’s no time for me, I must go immediately”

But before Vyncent can stand up to leave, he places his hand on his chest, inhales deeply, and falls to the floor dead.

Your journey begins in The Maiden’s Hall, the book on the table, and Vyncent’s dead body being hauled away by two inn workers.

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